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What is Shimmer by Victoria and when can I use it?      

Shimmer By Victoria is a luxury finishing powder designed to eliminate the post tan feeling of having a spray tan or using mousses or creams. It instantly dries the tan so you can immediately dress, minus any sticky feeling. 

The powder has also been designed with the added bonus of using it after a gym session, sunbed or even beach days, or even to look glam on a night out!


Need a few tips and directions for use?  Let us help with some guidance

Apply the powder with a longer haired brush, we recommend the brushes we sell on the website for flawless results. Using this type of brush ensures the powder glides onto the skin. We do not recommend kabuki brushes as these are to firm and can cause uneven tan results.

Apply the powder with a sweeping motion covering the whole body or concentrating on areas that are most tacky.

If you are using the powder on a night out we suggest using the powder puffs which you can purchase from here



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Shimmer by Victoria


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Shimmer by Victoria has been developed to use immediately after a spray tan or self-tanning. 

The powder is not brand specific meaning it can be used alongside any brand of solution or mousse and will not affect the developing process in any way. The powder has also been designed with the added benefit of use following a sunbed session, beach days or even after a hard workout in the gym! The powder instantly eliminates the sticky, uncomfortable feeling following a spray tan, or having used creams or oils after a beach day or sunbed session.

It evens out any blemishes immediately left behind from the spray tan i.e. bends of your arms and knees where the tan hasn’t fully dried, it ensures the solution doesn’t clog in these areas. Powdering the whole body reduces colour transfer onto clothing and bedding, even white clothing! It leaves your skin feeling silky soft, leaving a beautiful shimmer/sparkle on the skin and masks any spray tan or body odour with its fresh scented fragrance, all lasting until your first shower!

It’s a go-to powder that will take tanning and the cosmetic world by storm….