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What is ‘Shimmer by Victoria’

Shimmer by Victoria has been developed to use immediately after a spray tan or self-tanning. The powder is not brand specific meaning it can be used alongside any brand of solution or mousse and will not affect the developing process in any way. The powder has also been designed with the added benefit of using after the use of a sunbed, beach days or even after a workout in the gym!
The powder instantly eliminates the sticky, uncomfortable feeling felt after applying self tan or following a spray tan, or if creams and or oils have been used after a beach day or sunbed session. It evens out any blemishes immediately left behind from the self or spray tan i.e. bends of your arms and knees where the tan hasn’t fully dried, it ensures the solution doesn’t clog in these areas. Powdering the whole body also cuts down on colour transfer onto clothing and bedding, even white clothing! It leaves your skin feeling silky soft, leaving a beautiful shimmer/sparkle on the skin and masks any spray tan or body odour with its fresh scented fragrance, all lasting until your first shower! It’s a go-to powder that will take tanning and the cosmetic world by storm….

Is it a professional powder that can be used on client’s?

Absolutely! ‘Shimmer By Victoria’ is a luxury powder that has passed all the legal requirements for cosmetic resale in the United Kingdom and Europe. Stand out from your competitors by offering a powder service to your client’s, they’ll love you forever! This is an absolute game changer, it will change the way clients feel about having a spray tan and your profit margin will increase as you retain client’s and gain new ones. Clients who usually request a spray tan in the evening or request express tans due to the dreaded uncomfortable feeling whilst the tan is in the developing stages can now tan anytime of the day, which means you can increase your client base to accommodate more clients!

How to apply the powder

Apply the tanning solution / mousse to the body, then dry with the compressor air nozzle or air dry for approximately 2-3 minutes.The skin doesn’t have to be completely dry to apply the powder, but it does need to be semi dry and no longer wet. Immediately apply the powder onto the skin - you can apply the powder to the entire body or to custom areas wherever you feel ‘tacky’ We recommend you use the professional brushes we sell to obtain flawless results or a similar longer hair, soft powder brush to ensure even application. We do not recommend the use of kabuki brushes, we find these types of brushes are too firm on the skin, interrupting the developing stage of the tan and can cause uneven results. A full body application should only take you around 60 seconds, making it a quick, no fuss application! Lightly hold the brush and apply the powder onto the skin, ensuring that you tap off excess powder. The areas to concentrate on are the inner thighs, groin, under bust, armpits and neck area as these areas take longer to dry and feel the most sticky. Do not rub or press hard on the brush as this will cause uneven overall tanning results by dragging the solution off the skin onto the brush. If you still feel tacky once applied, you can re-apply to those areas to ensure they are no longer sticky. Some areas may take longer to semi dry dependant on how hot/cold your room is or what brand of solution you are using.
We do not recommend you use the powder on skin that has been over exposed to natural sun (sunburn) or broken skin as this potentially can cause a skin reaction. 

Business customers who are purchasing the powder to use on clients, we advise you use separate tubs and brushes for hygiene purposes. It’s easy to weigh out the required amount per client, and the tubs and brushes can easily be disinfected at the end of your day ready to use the following day. We recommend you give the powder a quick stir/shake each time before use. 

How much powder should I be using for a full body?

5g of powder should be more than enough to powder a full body which means you should average around 15-20 bodies per 70g pot

How do I clean the professional brush?

It is recommended you use an antibacterial solution after each client, then pat dry with a clean cloth. You can also use a mixture of baby shampoo at the end of your day or personal application. Mix 1:1 baby shampoo with warm water and carefully submerge the brush bristles into the water ensuring the ferrule or the wooden handle do not come into contact with the water as this will weaken the ferrule and cause the wooden handle to become weak. Pat dry the brush and leave to air dry standing up on a clean cloth. Do not use the brush until it’s fully dry and do not use any oils on the bristles as this could affect the tanning solution.

How do I store ‘Shimmer By Victoria’  

Store in a dry environment, out of direct sunlight. Re-Seal after use. 

Can I use the finishing powder if I suffer from allergies

The powder is made from natural and organic ingredients in combination with cosmetic mica powders and fragrance. We strongly advise you to check with your Doctor who is best placed to advise you whether the powder will be suitable for you.

Can I use the finishing powder if I am pregnant?

Whilst the powder has been created using only the finest ingredients it’s always best to check with your Midwife or Doctor who are better placed to advise you.

Can I use the finishing powder if I suffer with sensitive skin?

We recommend you patch test the powder on a small area of your skin 48hrs before powdering your whole body. Like any patch test you may not react immediately as you are only testing and using a small amount of powder on a small area of the body, but you could still react to a full body application. If a reaction occurs, then discontinue use.

The powder is hypoallergenic, paraben & talc free, as well as being vegan friendly.

Has the powder been tested on animal’s?  

We are strict in NO animal testing of any of our products.  

Can I become a stockist of ‘Shimmer by Victoria’?  

Absolutely! Head across to our ‘Trade Contact Page' to provide us with your salon details and we’ll be back in touch.

I’m a ‘Professional Salon Owner / Mobile Beauty/Tanning Therapist , do you offer trade discount?  

Of course! Head across to our ‘Trade’ tab for further information

How much do I pay for postage?

Head over to our ‘Delivery & Returns’ tab on the main home page which provides all the information you require

Where do you post to?

Head over to our ‘Delivery & Returns’ tab on the main home page which provides all the information you require

Do you offer refunds?

Head over to our ‘Delivery & Returns’ tab on the main home page which provides all the information you require


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