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I love to shimmer 😍

Im absolutely in love with Shimmer By Victoria. The powder is a must in my life.

I love the way the powder sets my spray tan and takes away all the stickiness. No to mention the gorgeous shimmer and fragrance. It’s an absolute must in my life with my spray tan. 100 % recommend this to everyone 😍 xx

Emma Barlow - Stalybridge


I love this powder... always use after a tan but I never go out without it on now as it has a beautiful scent that just makes you feel so fresh all evening.

Jane S - Manchester


This brush is so lush I've come back for another to use for other things

Paulette G - Essex

Soft as silk!

Soft, sexy and so easy to apply.

B. Lyons - London


No matter what tan I’m using, if it’s having a spray tan or using mousse myself at home, I could not live without this powder! It takes stickiness away instantly and smells soooo good! The glitter is just enough to give the most amazing shimmer to the skin. I’ve also found it so much better than using products like ordinary talc as that can really aggravate any eczema I have on my arms and be more painful. It really has been a life saver for me and has allowed me to tan as usual without having to worry about my eczema. If anything it actually helped it clear up a lot! Honestly can’t thank you enough Vickie! x

Holly Roper - Hyde

Shimmer By Victoria

The first time I tried this product I fell in love. I hate that sticky feeling after applying fake tan waiting for it to dry before I can put my clothes back on. All that is taken away with Shimmer By Victoria. It instantly takes away that sticky feeling and helps the tan dry quickly. It smells amazing and I love the sparkle it leaves on my skin. I’m so happy it is now available to buy.

Nicola Council - Gee Cross, Hyde

Luxury on your skin

People keep looking at me because I keep smelling my arm... I just can't help myself!!! I love that it is so natural I could probably eat it - now there's an idea.. lol! Honestly feel amazing when I use this and I now use it like talc every day. To me this is pure luxury and I'll never stop using it. I always smell great and there is just the right amount of shimmer - daytime it makes you look clean and fresh, night time it makes you look awesome, especially gorgeous over a fresh tan.

L Jessop - Glasgow

Increased my income overnight

I've only started using this over the last month and I charge an extra amount for application. It goes on smoothly and easily, takes literally a minute with their brushes and immediately sets and dries the tan. Customer feedback has been phenomenal. Clients ensure I have it in stock when they book me. The additional revenue for an extra few minutes has been immense for me as a mobile tanning salon and my customer base that normally drops off at this time of year is expanding in a way I've never seen. The Shimmer it gives is just the perfect amount and not silly sparkly stuff - this is classy and gorgeous. The colour works on any skin tone from pale to deep dark tanned. It smells so fresh and light and on a personal note I use this myself whether I've just tanned or not. My customers are now asking me to sell the retail ones and I'm currently looking at this as it will not detract from mobile use as that is done immediately and the retail would just allow them to use at home between tans or if they do an area touch up themselves. It is an absolute revolution for me and my business, I just had to review. Thank you, you have given my business the boost it needed.

SolTan Mobile - London

THE Best I've used

I've tried other similar style products but none come even close to this one. It is by FAR the best product to apply after a tan. I've also noticed my tan is all kept so it's deeper or darker than usual and stays longer so it seems to have additional benefits too. Hooked!

Gemma - Northampton

Shimmer by Victoria Testimonials

It's almost as important as the tan itself!

Honestly, I wasn't expecting much as I'm a self confessed tan-a-holic. But OMG it is literally the best! Been using it over the last month and I usually have to re-do my tan by day 7 latest - but it's actually lasting days longer. In-between tans I lightly moisturise and then use this. Smells great and looks lovely, day or night. I just love it.

Sofia L - Liverpool

Cruelty Free

Paraben Free


Suits all skin types

Vegan Friendly

For all skin colours