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Where it all began...

Welcome to my website I am Victoria Vine, I am the owner and founder of ‘Shimmer by Victoria’ I've been in the beauty industry for many years, gaining experience in all aspects of beauty and tanning, whether that's self tanning i.e. using a mousse, self spray, creams or airbrush spray tanning - I've tried them all. However, regardless of which tanning product or method that’s used, the sticky and uncomfortable feeling is always felt whilst the tan is in the developing stages.
I spent around 12 month's developing a powder that myself and my client's could use to eliminate this post tan feeling, whilst ensuring it could be used with any brand of tanning product; mousse, self-spray, cream or having a professional airbrush spray tan. 
 Shimmer by Victoria where it all started  
This amazing product is applied to the whole body immediately after tanning and instantly eliminates the sticky and uncomfortable feeling by drying and setting the tan so that you can dress immediately. This means you can tan any time of the day, no more requesting express tans or sitting feeling uncomfortable....  

We've discussed the powder being used to dry and set a spray tan but what about using a sunbed, beach days or working out in a gym?  The powder has also been developed with all these in mind. This ground-breaking powder is the answer to instantly eliminate that ‘tacky’ feeling, whilst nourishing and refreshing the skin, leaving it silky soft. The fresh smelling scent also removes any tanning, sunbed or body odour. The powder also reduces colour transfer between clothing & bedding, even whites! And if that's not enough the powder leaves a beautiful shimmer sparkle on the skin!
Shimmer by Victoria has been formulated to ensure its hypoallergenic, talc, and paraben free, vegan friendly and cruelty free, making it the perfect choice.  

The powder has passed vigorous testing to ensure it’s safe to use and for cosmetic resale, it carries all the correct legal documentation. 

Shimmer by Victoria is the future of tanning and a must for all tanning fanatics. I’m sure you’ll love this powder as much as myself and my clients do and once you have tried it, you'll wonder how you have ever lived without it!

Much Love 


Shimmer by Victoria